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Havixbeck Addvention 2024
16.02.2024 - 18.02.2024

Some may still remember. We do too. So, after a few years of concentrating on acrobatics, we are now, once again, organizing a weekend full of juggling, acrobatics and other circus fun, just before nowhere.

Nothing will stay the same, but no matter why, it will be an event by artists for artists.

That's why we need your help again this year - be it with registration, breakfast or other services. Workshops and contributions to the Open Stage are also very welcome.

We will sleep in classrooms.

Arrival is on Friday from 17:00. On Sunday we will clean up around 14:00 and close the doors again at 15:00. It is possible that we will put some useful information on this page just before we really get going. So it would be good to check here again just before packing up.

Dinner on Friday and Saturday and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning will be provided. The food is vegan. If necessary, vegetarian alternatives will be offered. For the carnivores (meat eaters) we will offer more variety at breakfast.

We welcome jugglers, acrobats, unicyclists, other artists and simply anyone who enjoys these things. Children and young people accompanied by an adult supervisor are also welcome. Registration for those who are not of age is carried out by the accompanying supervisor. There is also a quota for groups, but unfortunately this has already been exhausted. Animals are not permitted in the school building. Due to the remodeling of the school and fire safety regulations, we are forced to limit the number of participants to 150 people.

In short, we are looking forward to organizing a well-balanced event for acrobats and jugglers.


We have calculated the prices very strictly and are at:

35 euros for children and those who are not too rich.

45 euros is the price for all those with a secure income.

50 euros and more is the price for those who would like to support us beyond that.

We strive not to make a profit. If there is anything left over, it will go into the Zirkus Fassungslos coffers and will be used for purchases that come up from time to time and which you will be able to admire at the next convention.



The procedure is very simple. Whoever registers first is registered earlier.

To help us with the planning, please let us know if you are a juggler, acrobat or something else.

Registration deadline is 02.02.2024.


Registration Closed.


Other information

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

We look forward to seeing you.

The Addvention Orga Team