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It is our ambition to make sure that all participants have fun and enough space for exercising. Therefore we have to limit the places. This also means you can only participate if you have registered and secured your space by paying the participation fee. The online registration will be open from Monday, November 11th to Thursday, November 21st. Afterwards you will receive a message telling you if you got a space. If you register after November 21st, you will automatically be put on the waiting list.




We will use an intelligent lots drawing system. This means certain people get better chances to be given a space:

- Teachers: please provide us with a nice description of your workshop and tell us with who you might teach it together (all together 3 people max). We will choose the best workshops and you will get a confirmation that we picked your workshop.
- Festival organisers: we think who makes the effort to organise a festival for others should be rewarded. If you are a main organiser of an own festival, your chances will raise. Please let us know in which festival you are involved.
- People who will not sleep inside the school building: please tick in the registration form you have a sleeping place elsewhere. Our limitation on spaces is to a large extend based on the sleeping places. By having people sleeping somewhere else we can increase the number of participants and more people will be enabled to participate. If you plan to sleep in your mobile home, please let us know in your registration form. We have limited space for camper vans (and similar) but it is not possible to sleep in a tent.
- Medical doctors: we might need you in case of an accident (which we hope won't happen). We want to make sure that a doctor is around all the time.

Every participant is expected to help us out. For your contribution you can choose between two options: you can either offer a workshop or support us with a helping shift.

Our prices:

Adults (above 16): 55 €
Minors (under 16): 33 €
Own children under 7 years: free

All participants below 18 years of age can only be registered with a full age supervisor. One full age person can be in charge of max. three minors. We won't be made liable for minors.